Do you want to play paintball but are nervous for your first time? There is no need to worry! The Paintball Park has you covered with our equally as fun but less intense version of paintball – Paintball Lite!

Paintball Lite uses a new type of paintball gun that was built specifically for beginner players.

The guns are much smaller and weigh a lot less than traditional equipment, but the best part is they use the same extra small paintballs that are used for Splatmaster. What does that mean?

No bruises or marks after a day of Paintball Lite!

All of the playing gear is easy to carry, super lightweight, and the game itself has the same feel as regular paintball (but without the intensity!) Paintball Lite is perfect for adult first timers, young up-and-comers, and for anyone else who’s looking to have a great time on the paintball field without the fear of getting shot.

At the park, we require players to be at least 8 years old.

But, this fun and less intensive game format is available at all our parks, nationwide. Just ask an employee when you arrive!

We’ll see you at the park!